Gas Permeable Colored Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable Colored Contact Lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses feel great and can be a great deal, but understand that once you start wearing this type of contact lens, it can turn into a lifelong commitment.

Gas permeable colored contact lenses offer the best of all worlds. Rigid but less than traditional hard contact lenses, gas permeable contact lenses are extremely comfortable. And because they're more rigid, they are better at correcting vision than soft contact lenses. It all has to do with the structure of the polymers used to make these lenses. The oxygen-permeable materials are better able to hold onto the lens shape and better shape means that vision is crisper and clearer.

Choose Gas Permeable Lenses for Healthier Eyes.

Gas permeable color contact lenses offer even more benefits than comfort and better vision. Unlike soft contact lenses which contain water, gas permeable lenses are better able to prevent protein deposits from accumulating on the lenses. And because the water content is much lower, these contacts are less likely to harbor bacteria. Both are important steps in keeping eyes healthy.

Another benefit of gas permeable contact lenses is that even though the plastic is more durable, which makes handling the lenses easier and less prone to damage, oxygen is still able to flow through, helping to keep eyes from becoming dry or irritated. The high gas permeability is also what makes these materials perfect for use in extended wear contact lenses. Eyes can breathe better, and the lens design ensures that tiny bits of bacteria and other particles can be flushed from the eye rather than trapped on the eye.

Gas permeable contact lenses are a available in a wide variety of colors, including red!

Additional Benefits of Gas Permeable Lenses:

Gas permeable lenses are not as flimsy as soft contact lenses. They won't tear or dry out as easily and if cared for properly, each lens should last a long time. If you wear soft lenses, you know how easily they tear, how frequently you're reaching for replacement lenses and how often you're reordering. The cost of disposable lenses adds up quickly, and for some, switching for gas permeable lenses actually saves money.

With all of these benefits and more, gas permeable contact lenses should be the number 1 choice among contact lens wearers. But they're not. Why aren't these lenses the most popular type?

There are times when comfort is compromised. There is an adaptation period and for the first few days or more of wearing gas permeable lenses, some wearers feel quite a bit of discomfort. Once the eyes adjust, the lenses are high on the comfort meter. But when people don't wear gas permeable lenses on a regular basis, they sometimes have to go through the adjustment period again and even again.

Another unfavorable side effect is that upon removal, blurry spots sometimes appear and can take a day or so to clear up. Because of this, there's a tendency to stop wearing the lenses, but in doing so, the adaptation period has to restart. It becomes somewhat of a Catch-22 situation.

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