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An Introduction to Wearing Color Contact Lenses

Color contact lenses are just as much for vision as they are for fashion.

Today's contact lenses are available in a rainbow of colors, special effects and some crazy contacts even your support your favorite sports team! Contacts are no longer only for the visually impaired, contact lens wearers have been given the ability to change their eye color and appearance in literally the blink of an eye.

Properly fitted contact lenses should enhance a person's vision and that can really change a person's life for the better. Only your optometrist can determine if contact lenses are for you. This type of cosmetic enhancement, while beneficial in most cases, can lead to the onset of serious eye and vision trouble if maintenance guidelines are not strictly adhered to.

Contact lenses do not require a considerable or complicated amount of maintenance, but ensuring that the lenses are properly cleaned and stored does take a few minutes, every single time the lenses are worn. And sharing contact lenses is a big NO-NO.

A few minutes of work sounds like an acceptable trade-off for not having to deal with the awkwardness or cumbersome nature of wearing eyeglasses and it is.

The biggest obstacle for contact lens wearers lies in the realization that proper cleaning and storage usually takes place before going to bed, a time when contact lens wearers are usually most tired.

As tempting as it may seem to 'skip' these steps in exchange for an earlier arrival into bed, it is that decision that can lead to trouble.

Wearing contact lenses, for vision correction as well as for cosmetic reasons, is a convenience that should not be abused - the health of your eyes depends on it.

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