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Changing your eye color to match your outfit or your mood with colored contact lenses has never been easier! Colored contact lenses are a great fashion accessory even if you don't need them for vision correction. Colored lenses are available in an assortment of vibrant colors.

Are colored contact lenses right for you?

It's estimated that only a small percentage of contact lens wearers realize they're good candidates for colored contact lenses. There's been an explosion of availability and almost every contact lens prescription is available in practically every standard color option.

Many contact lenses wearers are hesitant to give colored contact lenses a try. But don't worry. The color change can be subtle or it can be dramatic and that's part of the fun of wearing them.

Why do I need a prescription?

Even if you don't need lenses to correct your vision, you will need to visit an eye doctor to obtain a prescription. A prescription for contacts that doesn't include vision correction is called a plano prescription. This type of prescription measures the width and the curvature of the eye and will insure that the contact lenses fit properly. If they don't fit right you'll know right away because the pain will be persistent and irritating.

Are colored contacts safe?

Unfortunately, there's a belief among wearers of colored contact lenses that because they lack vision correction it's okay to share the contact lenses with others. This is wrong!

Under no circumstances is it ever a good idea to share contact lenses.

Contacts need to be fitted so, not only will they be the wrong size and cause discomfort, if they haven't been sanitized, the other person will likely introduce harmful bacteria into the eyes which can cause irritation and other eye problems.

Within the world of colored contact lenses you'll find many options and it's important to understand what these options are.

One of the benefits of a visibility tint is that the tint makes the lenses easier to handle by making them easier to see. Clear contacts can end up anywhere when they're dropped and they'll be invisible and nearly impossible to find. But the colored tint on the lens will help pinpoint their location.

Colored lenses are tinted and you'll find different types of tints, some which aren't necessarily designed to change the eye color but rather enhance it.

Opaque colored lenses are the only lens for someone who wants to completely change their eye color.

Enhancement tints have a deeper tint that will enhance and intensify a person's eye color.

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